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"The Mars Rover competition, which the Kit includes, provides an engaging activity that will motivate students to work on a local, national and global scale."
Dr Scott Sleap | Me Program Director - Regional Development Australia


Sponsorship Grants

The Australian Government is offering sponsorship grants up to $20,000 per school ($1500 per student) to sponsor Australian students to participate in national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based competitions or events.


To assist your school in applying for a grant, Obelisk Systems is offering a 4-student competition registration package, including everything your students require to compete in the Mars Rover Competition in October 2018 (Final dates to be announced early 2018).

Students can travel to the event held in Newcastle to participate locally, or compete remotely by accessing the competition Live Stream. The 2017 event was held at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

As part of your registration package, your school will receive two StarLAB Sensor Platforms and a Mars Rover Expansion Kit, including licences for the Online Learning Platform to teach them all the skills they will need to compete.  

The registration package costs $2998 (ex. GST).

Optional additions:

  • Professional development: $350 (ex. GST) per teacher
    • To be held in Obelisk Systems Office in Maitland
    • Contact Obelisk for in school options
  • Mars Incursion Student Training Sessions
    • An Obelisk Systems Engineer will run a hands-on training day in your school
    • Contact Obelisk to discuss pricing for your school

Project Title:

Students compete in the StarLAB National Mars Rover Competition

Project Description:

(Insert your school) is sending four students to the 2018 StarLAB Mars Rover Competition in Newcastle, Australia.

The Event is a competition that allows students from across the country to make practical use of STEM skills learned in the StarLAB Program, programming a robot to autonomously navigate a simulated Mars terrain.

This event covers all fields of STEM.

Additional Project Details

This project covers all STEM fields with a focus on Robotics and Programming, students involved gain industry skills that will remain both relevant and useful to them throughout their careers. 

Through the StarLAB program, students learn to code in Python, the top programming language in industry today. Once they have learned Python, they then learn to apply their coding skill to the StarLAB Sensor Platform, enabling them to gather and study real time data from the world around them. Students then learn to program a Mars Rover Robot to autonomously navigate a course, using the sensors on the platform to react to unexpected objects or gather scientific data from its environment.

In this section, you will also need to include your travel arrangements and specify whether a chaperone is accompanying your students.